Monday, December 6, 2010

An Invisible Wall

Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier and its “invisible brick wall” on October 14, 1947. Scientist adamantly maintained that it couldn’t be done, but Yeager revved his aircraft up to an air speed of 700 miles per hour and three weeks later accelerated the craft to an incredible 1,612 miles per hour. The invisible brick wall was no more an insurmountable problem.

In his autobiography, Yeager wrote, “After all anxiety, after all the anticipation, breaking the sound barrier was really a let down. The sonic barrier, the unknown, was just a poke through jello, a perfectly paved speedway.”

The myth of the invisible brick wall in space was settled once and forever, but many of us are still crashing into invisible walls down here on earth.

We can find them anywhere and for any reason. They stunt our growth, spoil visions of success, resist constructive change, mishandle opportunities and cause fretting over the anticipation of failure.

Gideon is a classic example. Opportunity knocked, but when he opened the door all he could see was obstacles-invisible walls, impossibilities and failure. He like most pessimist would look at an oyster and could not imagine that he would find a pearl but rather get a bad case of ptomaine poison.

He was mad at God and argued with angels. He worked in the wheat fields and few opportunities crop up out there except allergies and sweat soaking labor under the scorching, burning sun. He probably had a smelly, dusty tunic wrapped around his sweat soaked body and sported a rough hairy growth all over his face and neck and had little time or patience even for an angel from God.

I get the impression that when the angel did show up that Gideon hardly slowed down enough to give the angel time to talk to him. The Bible says, “One day the angel of God came and sat down under the oak….” (The Message - Judges 6:11) This was no shade tree mechanic from Paradise. It was the captain of a demolition crews from Heaven that specializes in tearing down invisible walls. He sat down. He was not in a hurry to run on to his next assignment. He was not impatient. He was not peeved at Gideon’s response.

One by one he begins to tear down the invisible walls until Gideon was able to take advantage of an opportunity that God made just for him. Gideon was special. Gideon had potential that was beyond his dreams, and God will show up anytime and take the time to tear down our invisible walls that keep us from God’s best. This is a side view of some of Gideon’s invisible walls and how God tore them down.

The first invisible wall for Gideon was the wall of feelings that did not agree with facts.

(The Message-Judges 6:7-10 “God, the God of Israel says, I delivered you…I freed you…I rescued you…I pushed them out of your way…and I said to you, I am God, your God….”)
Those were the facts, but his feelings drowned out the fact of God’s faithfulness. The cloud of gloom and doom hung so heavily over his head that the future only looked bleak and black to him. In Gideon’s mind, God was frozen in the library of history. His feelings were so raw and sensitive that this wall which separated him from facts had to be broken down.

Take careful note of the words, “I AM God, YOUR God…” It’s the way God told Moses to introduce Him to Pharaoh. He wants to be our present tense God, the ever present, ever active, ever miraculous God…..the here and now God regardless of our feelings. Our feelings must never negate the fact. GOD IS. That’s the first invisible wall we must hurdle.

The second wall that must go is the wall of intimidation.

(The Message – Judges 6:10 “Don’t be afraid…but you didn’t listen.”)

Fear is a toxic emotion that is like a little dark room where negatives are developed. Listen to what the angel said to Gideon. “You didn’t listen.” The Bible says, “I will fear no evil for thou art with me.”(Psalms 23:4) None. Nada. Zilch. Nothing and no one!!!! Faith is a fact. It declares, “God is with me” regardless of the circumstance.” Fear is not my master. Faith is. Faith waits without wavering, functions without faltering and confesses victory without concessions. Don’t be intimidated. The Fearless One walks beside you.

Gideon had another wall that we identify as the wall of hereditary limitations.

(The Message – Judges 6:15 “Look at me. My clan’s the weakest in Manasseh and I am the runt of the litter.”)

It’s pretty fair to say that he did not have a very good opinion of himself and where he came from. He was the runt, the least desirable, and the most unlikely one to succeed. We all have a past, but our past can not dictate where we are going in the future. I heard someone say that the devil is always telling them where I came from, but in his defense, he reminded the devil where he (the devil) was going. No pit has ever been deeper, no prison ever so wide and no hopelessness so severe as the pit into which the devil is destined to be confined forever.

You must not identify with your past but with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn to repeat what Paul declared in Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I am a child of the King and the King and all His Kingdom is behind me. Let the invisible walls that have been holding you back come tumbling down.

Breaking The Walls,

Pastor Jimmy & Bob

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